​We are professionals with strong multidisciplinary design expertise coupled with a solid academic background. Combined together we have more than 40 years of experience in research and development as well as in design and innovation of services and technologies that weave communities and technologies through open culture.

Andrea Sanna Mariana Joanna
Andrea Botero

(Doctor of Arts)

Sanna Marttila
(Master of Arts x 2)
Mariana Salgado
(Doctor of Arts)
Joanna Saad-Sulonen
(Doctor of Arts)


Andrea has a background in product and interaction design. She has been doing research around innovation and communities. She has practiced participatory design for more than a decade in Colombia and Finland. (andrea@suoet.co)

Sanna has a background in literary studies and media design. She is a believer in open approaches and the importance of culture. (sanna@suoet.co)

Mariana is a design researcher with background in product and digital media. She has been working for the cultural heritage and the healthcare sector. She has co-design services in collaboration with the NGOs, public and private organizations in Argentina and Finland mainly. (mariana@suoet.co)

Joanna has a background in architecture and digital media and design. She has worked in several research and design projects around citizen participation, in collaboration with municipalities, residents, and civic associations. Her expertise lies in participatory design. (joanna@suoet.co)

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