A series of service design interventions done to the process of reporting a crime with racist motives in Finland. The concept was produced during a one day (invitation only) service design competition organized by SITRA and the Finnish Ministry of Interior. The challenge was to come up with (short term) straightforward and implementable ideas that could improve the process of reporting crimes, particularly those that have a racist motive behind.

Our proposals were geared to make the interactions and the process more clear and transparent with already available means:

  1. Make a visualization of the crime report cycle process. This visualization will be aimed at citizens and should be included in all official materials and communication channels. we provided the first design sketch of the visualization as a 4 step circle.
  2. Introduce a “tracking ticket for reports”. Convert the existing “consecutive number” of the crime report formats into a real resource for people and for the system. This tracking ticket allow the person filing the complaint to track the status of her report inside the process (using the visualization proposed in point 1). The tickets will also allow the aggregation of new data for authorities, as now only those reports that move further into the process are counted in the internal statistics, giving an incomplete picture of the situation and of the experiences of citizens.
  3. Redesign the pre-investigation situation to increase mutual trust and transparency. Via a set of picture cards with clear interrogation themes and stages to support a more clear and effective interaction between the person making the report and the police officer doing the interview. These new materials are specifically designed to guide the parties on the proper identification of racist motives, in an otherwise stressful and strange situation.
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